Transparency, superior technology, and a dedicated team.

Our goal at Chaos Home Loans is to make the mortgage process, simple, understandable, and easy. Our team works around the clock to make sure all of our clients are always up to date about their loan status. 

Faster than average closing times

Chaos Home Loans consistently closes purchase and refinance transactions faster than other lender. We’re well known by our ability to close ahead of schedule. 


Competitive Rates

Worried about getting a high interest rate? Our rates are just as competitive as bigger banks with less fees.

Experienced Loan Officers

Our ability to close ahead of schedule is due to our experienced loan officers. Collectively we share over 20+ years of experience closing mortgage loans. We’ve seen it all!


A Direct Private Lender

No delays or bottlenecks. Our underwriters and loan officers are under the same roof. We don’t have to outsource any work, or go through any 3rd parties to close your loan.

We Call Listing Agents

We’ll call listing agents on-demand to promote the strength of your offer and pre-approval. We’ll help you get your offers accepted. 


Pre-Underwritten "Pre-Approvals"

We make the extra time and effort to do a full “pre-approval” before  you start looking at homes, so you can make offers with confidence.